Weird places to stay on holiday


Think for a moment in strange places where a hotel could be built. Go on reading and you will see how reality exceeds your imagination. All of the next examples are real…


It is called Snow Castle and it is built every winter when temperatures are very low. It is a hybrid between an igloo and a fairytale castle. A fresh sleeping is guaranteed. Just an effective sleeping bag will separate your body from ice.


This is a real airplane cockpit with thousands of flight hours that has been retired from service and refurbished as a comfortable hotel. It offers panoramic views, flat screen TV, two beds, free WiFi and a bathroom with shower. It is located on Swedish soil and they won’t charge any extra amount if you carry overweight…


We speak of a fully operational cinema that has been conditioned for the night. Hotel guests decide together what movie will be screened in the common screen. In this French establishment turn off the lights is not synonymous with going to bed.


We remain on French soil with the ideal hotel for people crazy about music. It is a real recording studio perfectly conditioned for the night. It has everything from comfortable sofas to hear music, soft lighting, original recorders ready to be played, sound equipment, microphones, etc. It is called Ze Living Room and is very cool.


This is a huge loft in London that has been reformed. His former role was that of a shoe factory a popular British brand. Large windows, brick walls and gates of zinc clearly evoke its former function. If you are a lover of design and industrial decoration you have found the hotel that matches you.

If any of these options is of your interest you just have to visit and you will be able to book these accommodations and many others very original.



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