Malaga meets in Hangzhou a hundred Chinese professionals about Spanish cuisine and culture


The Malaga-born chef José Carlos García has been commissioned to serve a typical Spanish dinner at an event where there have been presented the major attractions of Spain and Malaga

Ajoblanco, porra antequerana, croquetas, Spanish omelet … Over one hundred professionals in the tourism sector in China, including tour operators, travel agents, journalists, entrepreneurs and food critics have had the opportunity to enjoy the best of our cuisine during the “Malaga-Spain Night” in Hangzhou, the main event of the promotion campaign these days are taking place in the capital of Zheijang the Department of Tourism in the City of Malaga and the Spanish Tourist Office (ETO) in Beijing.

Indeed, José Carlos García, the only chef in the capital with a Michelin star, has been commissioned to serve a typical Spanish dinner, he has been in charge of a team, where also were the known chefs Caballero and Juan Carlos Escribano. They have produced some of his most renowned dishes as “Concha fina de Margarita”, “Las almendras de la calle nueva”, garlic soup with apple and stewed plums, hake with chicken stock or glazed cheek of pork dishes.


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