Millennial: Potential travel buyer’s trough mobile devices


The general adaptation of technology within the sector and mobility in particular both are needed in order to attract millions of potential travellers who belong to the Millennial generation They represent a third of the population and are a great opportunity for companies whose trend must be aimed in more personalised offers allowing purchase anywhere, anytime and on any device, this is to say, a secure purchase without limitations.

Technology evolves constantly and as they say is the future within the tourism sector. Globally, both sectors and companies related to tourism are adapting to new technologies, however some markets are still far from achieving it. The trend is the adaptation in order to capture a target representing millions of people, known as MILLENNIALS.

Who are the millennial? Why should the tourism sector focus its efforts on this population centre? The millennial generation got older at the beginning of 21st century. They were the first generation raised under the umbrella of technology, Internet and social media. Currently, it is the population between 15 and 18 years old. If we segment more this population, we find the Z generation, those young people born after 1994 who have their own new values and a different way of understanding life.

The “millennial” is a third of the population within the region representing a long-term opportunity for companies. Now, the sector must be focus on mobility. The industry has been focused on the digital transformation up until now; we all know that if you do not appear on the Internet nowadays, you do not exist. However, it is time to take a step further. Today, the purchase of trips through Smartphones is focused on last minute offers. However, the tendency is to create customized offers which will allow the purchase to be made from anywhere and anytime. Choosing a destination or product by the digital generation will depend on price, travel motivation or hiring this service, but mostly influenced by online comments.


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