Peru: luxury, nature, and adventure for couples


Undiscovered corners, world-famous cuisine, and breathtaking cultural legacy make Peru an ideal destination for the most intrepid explorers

Nature and adventure are two of the main components of a fantastic holiday. If your other half can join in, the trip becomes even more exciting. Peru offers surprising activities and a unique landscape where the country’s vast biodiversity and geography facilitate unusual activities that you’ll want to experience as a couple.

Peru introduced a trip aimed at travellers who love sport and protecting the planet, who care about what they eat, and who want to maximise the time they spend outdoors, challenging their personal bests as they discover a new destination.

It will be a collection of authentic experiences that bring travellers far from the beaten path to allow them an original, genuine way of discovering this great country.

Take a spectacular luxury train trip with the Belmond Andean Explorer. Imagine travelling through vast, beautiful landscapes, exploring ancient ruins, and visiting unforgettable places while enjoying every comfort aboard the train. Leaving Cuzco, the route passes by Lake Titicaca and ends in the city of Arequipa. Feel the wind in your hair from the viewing wagon – enjoying delicious Peruvian food while looking out over ever-changing landscapes is a memory that will stay with you forever.

Book a mystical trip and connect with Peru. Discover the Q’eros, the authentic descendants of the Inca – uncover their rituals and hidden beliefs with the help of an expert translator in Andean culture.

Grab a bike or a quad to explore the Moray ruins and Maras Salt Mines. They’re located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and are an adventure that you’ll find only in Peru. The Moray Archaeological Centre is made up of four terraced circular depressions, originally called “muyus”, which were an important centre for agricultural research during Incan times. To finish up a perfect day, have dinner in the new restaurant opened by award-winning Peruvian chef, Virgilio Martinez.

More adventurous couples will love exploring the wild and less-known Salkantay Trek. It’s an alternative route to Machu Picchu, crossing the Vilcabamba mountain range, and an alternative to the better known Inca Trail. On the route, you’ll stay in a selection of welcoming lodges, enjoy gourmet dinners, and impeccable, personalised service.

Whether you’re visiting the dramatic desert of Huacachina, the unexplored Choquequirao Incan ruins, the beautiful Pastoruri glacier, or crossing the Amazon rainforest in an exclusive cruise up the river itself, Peru and Nuba have joined forces to offer travellers an unforgettable experience. Visit the archaeological epicentres where the ruins of ancient Andean capitals lie, fortressed cities and sanctuaries that breath the same air as the pre-Columbian cultures that came before them and which still have a rich historical and cultural patrimony today. Finally, remember to sample the exquisite and varied gastronomic offering, an ingenious mix of flavours and local, unique ingredients that’s gaining fans and accolades all over the world.



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