Perugia, the City of Chocolate


Eurochocolate returns to Perugia from October 12th to 23rd and this year’s theme focuses on the relationship between music and chocolate

A classic event in the Umbrian capital every October since 1993, Eurochocolate is back in Perugia once again this year to make sure it maintains its title as the original City of Chocolate.

This city in the Italian region of Umbria hosts the festival from October 12th to 23rd, completely revamping the city centre and firmly putting chocolate in the spotlight. This year’s event examines the relationship between music and chocolate, with a special focus on children who will have selected play areas, activities, and games, all, with a musical theme.

“Our aim is to blend musical notes with the sounds of sweetness constantly emanating from Perugia. This is the home city of music and chocolate,” says Eugenio Guarducci, the president of the festival.

Perugia will transform into an outdoor factory, shop, museum, concert hall and there will also be plenty of tasting sessions and classes about cooking with chocolate.

Expert sculptors will also be in the city creating true works of art from blocks of chocolate, and in the special “Eurochocolate World” section you can find representatives from the leading cocoa-producing countries sharing their customs, traditions and the typical products from their countries.

The festival takes place in the city centre around Corso Vannuci, Piazza IV Novembre, Piazza Italia and surrounding areas. So, all you need to do is stroll towards the old town, and Eurochocolate will find you. This year, organisers expect up to one million visitors to visit the city over the nine days of the festival.

If after reading until here you’re still not longing for some chocolate, and you’re wondering about whether to visit Perugia during the festival or not, we’ve got two more good reasons to make the visit: entrance to the festival is free and with the ‘Taste & Choco’ card that only costs €6 you get a lot of free products and many discounts.


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