Plans to enjoy Nikko’s autumn scenery


Located in the middle of the mountain, the city of Nikko is surprising for many reasons, but one of its big draws is its incalculable natural and architectural beauty. It’s been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1999 and is only a two-hour train ride from Tokyo, which are two compelling reasons why travellers should visit it during their trip to Japan.

September 23rd marked the start of the autumn season in Japan and Nikko is one of the best places to see the reddish coloured landscape.

Spectacular views can be enjoyed at Lake Chuzenji until late October either on land or by boat, but you can also do other sports and leisure activities such as canoeing or observe the area’s immense natural wealth, where the visitor is the only one to decide the route.

Until the end of November, travellers have the opportunity to observe nature from the 140m Kinu-Tateiwa-Otsuribashi Suspension Bridge which connects the city of hot springs and Tateiwa. Here, visitors will discover the thrill of seeing the lush greenery and the water of the Kinugawa River beneath their feet and the surrounding mountains on the horizon. The autumn leaves of the Nikko Sanctuaries and Temples declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can be seen lit up on a guided tour at night from November 9-11. An authentic feast for the senses as the landscape looks completely different in the daylight.

Another activity that visitors will undoubtedly love is the Kinugawa Onsen cable car that takes you to the top of the Nasu Mountains 300m above sea level. Visitors will have the chance to admire the beautifully coloured autumn scenery as they move closer to the top and then enjoy a hike around the area.

Finally, it should be noted that Nikko also boasts thousands of places where visitors to the area can enjoy delicious food while enjoying picture perfect moments surrounded by breathtaking scenery. You can enjoy a fusion of Japanese and French cuisine at the European Romankan Chez Hoshino restaurant while looking out over Lake Chuzenji,or enjoy a coffee and a footbath at the Espo café in the Hotel Sunshine Kinugawat overlooking the Kido Tateiwa suspension bridge.


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