Sharm El Sheikh, the Egyptian city of Peace


Located at the peninsula of Sinaí, at the Red Sea shore, Sharm El Sheikh is globally known as the Egyptian city of Peace. It is one of the most spectacular destinations to practice diving in the whole world.

Sharm el-Sheij, as it is also known, was in the beginning, a small fishing village which became an Egyptian maritime base later. Today, tourism is its first industry. Comparing such an authentic location with some place closer to us, it reminds to Ibiza. Basically, it is a place that lives exclusively for and by tourism. In fact, most of the people working there come from European countries.

There’s a lot of activities planned to do at Sharm El Sheikh, but among the whole offer, we will find mainly diving and snorkel. In fact, most of the hotels have their own diving club, managing a high number of registrations per day. There is no doubt the most bustling place is Naama Bay city with a night life quite intense. A wide range of restaurants, shows, terraces and discos, such as Pachá, make this place to remind Ibiza. Also, we mustn’t leave the place without tasting one of the most thrilling routes by quad.

Sharm el Sheikh is one of the most important touristic destinations in the world. BlueBay Savanna is a luxury resort ideally located in Shark’s Bay, known as the “City of Peace” in Egypt. It has access to its beautiful beaches of fine sand and crystalline blue waters, located in one of the most astonishing places to dive in the world, Garden Bays, in the Sinaí. It has an unbeatable climate, sunny the whole year and surrounded by marvelous nature.


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