All you need to know about the wonderful Loltun caves


Photo: Yucatan Government

To the south of Yucatan, just 20 km from Labna, you can find the Loltun caves, an impressive cave system, part of the famous Puc Route. Its name in Maya means “Flower of stone”, and a tour through them is a unique experience.

The Mayans used these places as a refuge and religious center, and as a source of clay to produce their appliances. The earliest evidence of a human settlement found on the site dates back 400 to 700 years and includes rock paintings representing human hands and figures of animals.

The Yucatan government offers guided tours to the 700 meters that comprise the caves. During these tours you will discover each of the vaults, named according to their main attraction; as the “Cathedral” cave, called like that because of its impressive light and shadows effect formed by the rays of sun, and also because of an acoustic phenomenon produced by a series of columns that make diverse sounds when they are beaten.

The tours are scheduled at 9:00am. and 11:00am. in the morning, and at 12:30pm., 2:00pm., 3:00pm., and 4:00pm. in the afternoon. The tour includes parking, bathrooms, restaurant and a snack bar.

“In every vault you get even more surprised by the Mayan nature and culture”, “The most wonderful thing I have ever seen in my life” and “An extraordinary experience worth visiting” are some of the comments of people who have already been in this awesome place.

If you have already added this tour to the wonders of Loltun caves to your bucket list, remember to wear sneakers or non-slip shoes because some areas are muddy and slippery. On the other hand this route is not recommended for seniors or small children. That said; enjoy your walk through these extraordinary caves.


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