Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel, awarded by Expedia in recognition of the level of satisfaction of its customers


Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel, one of the ten hotels the Spanish company BlueBay Hotels has in Mexico, has received a special award from the travel website Expedia in recognition of the high levels of customers satisfaction reported by those who booked their stay through, which also belongs to Expedia. BlueBay Hotels is the eighth Spanish hotel company by international presence and the tenth largest hotel group regarding hotel rooms [1].

Juan Miguel Bautista, Expedia’s Senior Market Manager, presented the award at the ceremony which took place in the hotel. Geert Debruyne, the Manager of the Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel, received the award on behalf of BlueBay Hotels and was accompanied by the E-Commerce Director of the Americas Division, Alejandro Ramírez Chacón.

Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel was part of the outstanding group of hotels worthy of winning this award as it obtained a score of 4.3, which was calculated from the ratings given by guests staying at the hotel in 2017.

 Juan Miguel Bautista highlighted the high level of commitment and combined effort that is required to maintain a high level of satisfaction among hotel guests. “Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel has maintained very high standards of service and facilities throughout the year, and in general all the details customers value are reflected in their comments. This award positions the hotel as one of the best accommodation options in the world, and they can feel extremely satisfied with the favourable evaluation achieved in one of the world’s  most competitive markets.”

The hotel manager, Geert Debruyne thanked Expedia for its support and promised to maintain excellent practices and the exclusive, warm and personalised service that characterises the brand and continue to exceed the demands of the current market.

Although due to prior commitments, Jamal Satli, Chairman of BlueBay Hotels could not attend the event, he wanted to say a special thanks to Expedia for the award: “it’s always an honour to receive these types of awards, but the feeling is even greater when it’s the guests themselves who rate our hotels in a proactive manner. This shows we’re doing things well and we’ll continue working in this way in the future”.

[1] According to the 12th edition of Hosteltur’s ranking of large hotel chains.


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