Are you looking for love while traveling? Check out these apps


If you’re a romantic traveller looking to find your soul mate on your travels, these are the apps for you.

A study has found that one in every fifty people met the love of their life onboard a plane. Who worked this out? This study was conducted by British bank HSBC, who surveyed over five thousand tourists from 141 different nationalities.

This study was focused on the interaction of survey contestants with their fellow passengers during the flight. However, the results didn’t only show romantic connections. They also highlighted that 16% of passengers established professional contacts, 14% of passengers made long-lasting friendships and that 51% of people made conversation with a stranger during a flight.

In the knowledge that you could find your next partner as soon as you reach the airport, we recommend downloading these free apps to help you initiate this relationship. As the old cliché goes, “love is in the air”.

Read all about them below:


This app offers two different options: to pair up with another traveller who you can spend your holidays with or find a single local resident who can show you around the destination.

After signing up, you’ll need to upload your best photos, mention the places that you’re looking to visit and describe the things that you love doing during your travels. These shared interests will make it much easier to find your perfect partner, offering an easy ice-breaker when you meet for the first time.


This app operates on a much simpler basis. All you need to do is create a profile with your photograph and turn on your location services. This will allow nearby travellers to send you messages. The app lets you create a list of the attractions that you’re planning on visiting, and the times at which you expect to be there.

The best thing about this app is that it works using Bluetooth, meaning you don’t need to use data. Not only will you be lucky in love, but in technology too!


This app is designed to bridge language barriers between users. It allows you to talk to people from over 250 different countries, translating your thoughts into more than 15 languages, including Malaysian, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, and many others.

It also lets you send virtual gifts to your contacts, such as treasure chests, hearts, hugs, etc. This is a very popular app, which has been downloaded more than eight million times on Google Play.


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