Immerse with Uber in the great Australian coral reef


ScUber is the latest service launched by Uber. The new service is for those who wish to explore Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The idea is that you can book an underwater submarine using the Uber app as long as you’re in Queensland, Australia.

The ScUber service began yesterday and available until June 18. Uber will offer submarine trips from Heron Island, off the coast of Gladstone in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region.

And there will be a second date to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience from June 9-18, when, this time the submarine will leave from the coast of Port Douglas in Cairns.

This incredible experience of diving in Australian waters costs 3000 Australian dollars (2070 US dollars). The price includes a helicopter ride to either of the submarine’s starting points, a one-hour tour of the Great Barrier Reef in the ScUber submarine and you’ll also have the chance to do some snorkelling.

ScUber is partnering with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to support conservation and preservation initiatives to protect Australia’s coral reef system.

This new offer of the submarine tour is the result of the first failed launch on May 11, when the company’s shares fell by more than 8% of their IPO price after opening the service.


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