Discover Egypt’s turquoise lake


The Caribbean is full of crystal clear water, but did you know that the Red Sea also boasts several destinations that can match the Caribbean in terms of beautiful water? Take the Al Nayzak lake, in Egypt, for example…

Egypt is a magical place, one of those destinations that transports you across time and changes the way you see the world. It shows you that life in Ancient Egypt was very similar to ours, despite the centuries that separate them; that culture and gastronomy cross borders, and that in a single country, you can find everything from turquoise waters to the legacy of the Pharaohs. This is Egypt, a country that surprises you more every time you look a little closer.

This spectacular lake is Al Nayzak, a well kep secret, but highly regarded by water lovers and those who like to get away from it all. It’s a hidden paradise on the shore of the Red Sea. Shaped like an eye and with turquoise-blue waters, the lake gets its colour from sea currents, giving you the feeling of being on a Caribbean beach.

8km from the south of Marsa Alam and 20 minutes from Port Ghalib, you’ll find Al Nayzak lake. The lake has inspired legend among the local people to explain how it got its distinctive colour. As the legend has it, a meteorite struck the coast, leaving the lake with its out-of-the-ordinary appearance. Unfortunately, respected geologists have eradicated this possibility.

The tranquillity of the desert

Al Nayzak is a natural swimming pool where you can swim and dive in the peace and calm that Egypt’s natural surroundings inspire. It’s close to the reefs that have formed in the depths of the Red Sea and is an ideal place to disconnect from everyday stress. If you have the opportunity to spend the night, we’d highly recommend it.

As the sun goes down on the shore of the Red Sea, you’ll be able to truly enjoy a universe of stars, thanks to the open skies and lack of light pollution. You’ll only need a small campfire to keep you warm while you stargaze and, if you’re lucky, you might even see a meteorite shower.


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