More than half of spaniards can’t stand clingy couples on their holidays


Stag parties, badly behaved kids and groups of pensioners were among the groups we prefer to avoid

The long weekends in November and December are getting closer, and many Spaniards are already planning a short break away, although some are doubting about whether to go with their partners, children, cousins, friends or even alone. Once we’re clear about who we’re going with and where, we Spaniards normally meet other people in hotels or groups for excursions. Some of us will become more or less friends, while we’ll be happy to lose sight of some others forever.

Do you know what kids of people Spaniards can’t stand the sight of when on their holidays? According to the leading flight and hotel search engine, more than half (52%) of Spaniards can’t stand being with clingy couples when on holidays. Also on the list of those to be avoided were, people who never stop talking, smokers and badly behaved kids.

The Jetcost team carried out the survey as part of European’s holiday experiences, interviewing 3500 people over the age of 18 who had been on holidays at least twice in the past three years.

All the respondents were first asked who they preferred going on holidays with, and most said their immediate family (partner and children) 35%, while 24% said they preferred going just with their partner, 17% said with a group of friends, 16% said they wanted to travel with as many members of their family as possible and the smallest group, 8%, said they preferred going on holidays alone.

The survey participants were asked if they liked meeting other people when on holidays or if they preferred to be alone and the vast majority (66%) said they liked meeting other people, regardless of whether they were Spanish or foreigners. Only 20% said that they were happy alone and didn’t want to meet anyone. Interestingly enough, 14% said that meeting someone didn’t depend on who they were on holidays with.

If we want to delve a little further in the preferences of Spaniards when meeting people on their short breaks and holidays, the survey participants were asked who they preferred to avoid on their holidays, and these were the most common answers:

1. Clingy couples – 52 %
2. Badly behaved kids – 40 %
3. Smokers – 38%
4. Annoying people who won’t stop talking – 35 %
5. Flirts –30 %
6. Stag parties – 26%.
7. Groups of pensioners – 16%

Most of those who took part in the survey (49%) said they considered clingy couples to be the worst, saying they were on holidays to relax and be alone. The last thing they wanted was a double date with another couple. 33% said they found these couples’ public displays of affection very uncomfortable. And more than a third, 38%, admitted making excuses not to spend time with other couples.


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