The most exclusive and sophisticated jet: Gulfstream G600


Let’s begin the day by flying high. Not in any plane or commercial airliner, but in a private jet, presented by Gulfstream as part of the famous Farnborough International Airshow: the G600 private jet.

This new model was presented in London, as this is the European city with most of these jets. For this reason, the company will also make most future investments in this area, such as a maintenance and review workshop for the repair of these beautiful jets in this area.

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The G600 is a small jet designed for up to nine people, who will be able to enjoy a privileged and pleasant flight. This model has been awarded various worldwide prizes for its design and interior features.

It received different Business Intelligence Group 2019 innovation awards for its Symmetry Flight DeckTM and the new safety systems that is has contributed to the commercial airline industry.

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The engineering team has worked tirelessly on double-direction, safety, performance, comfort and efficiency to create a jet that is 100% efficient, even when travelling at top speeds. This makes it a luxurious flight for each of its passengers, thanks to the comfort of the seats, spacious surroundings and the shorter travel time.

As far as the interior design is concerned, each owner will be able to choose their preferred finishes and colours, while making the most of satellite connectivity and an onboard office.

In terms of handling and control, the incorporation of active control sidebars, the improved third generation flight vision system and touchscreen technology, there is a better awareness of the situation, improved communication, greater visibility and a whole new degree of safety when flying the jet, making the experience beneficial for passengers and pilots alike.


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