Jamal Satli Iglesias, president of BlueBay Hotels, publishes his first book


The first novel from businessman and writer, Jamal Satli Iglesias is now on sale. A story where the intersection between the cultures and personal experiences of the leading characters are discussed over a coffee among friends

Businessman, Jamal Satli Iglesias publishes his first book with Editorial Círculo Rojo. A book where he gives an account of his daily life as a businessman and the personal experiences that led him to write this novel. The Open Door reveals his concerns about the relationships between the East and West, as both cultures have marked his career path until now.

This influence is largely due to the author’s family circumstances as he grew up surrounded by both cultures – a Christian mother from Spain and a Muslim father from Syria. This is something that has given him the opportunity to see the similarities between both religions, which are always complemented by a single God. His professional and business experience dealing with Spanish, European, American, and of course, western companies, and also with sheikhs, royal families and business people from the Arab world have enriched his life and career and created the need for him to share these differences, similarities and history.

The novel, shows a commitment to dialogue between cultures, demonstrating there is no place for divisions between friendship and personal relationships. “Getting to know one and other is the best way to break down these barriers. People, regardless of status, position, place of birth, sex, religion or race are united by a lot more than what separates us. But, unfortunately, we are divided by interests that, which on both sides, have led to fueling anger, hate and revenge. We’ve created wars from early time right up to the present day, like the European crusades and the Arab Spring, where people fight on the battlefield, in wars and for financial control, with the goal of dividing us, creating poverty and very little education, driving us to extremes and undoubtedly, creating massive virtual and real walls that separate us from each other,” explains the author.

A book intended for everyone who understands friendship as “a door open to dialogue, discussion without confrontation and a desire to know other cultures.” It’s also for those who “in an increasingly globalised world, have an interest in understanding and breaking down the differences between cultures, and want to discover what tells us apart but also unites us at the same time regarding customs and ways of life without paying attention to the different cults, roots and principles. Other readers who wish to see what we have in common in spite of distance, lineage or countries will also enjoy it.” More than ever before, the digital era connects us with other continents, customs and ideologies, and according to the author, “the Middle East would be the midway meeting point most similar to our customs as its halfway between the Far East, China and India, which is without a doubt another even greater differential and distant leap from our everyday life.”

Readers will uncover an open discussion, free from deceit or taboos, among four friends with different opinions and ideas about love, friendship, politics and religion. And also “want to be part of their thoughts as the conversation flows between them as may happen in any encounter. Without a doubt, an enjoyable and original read, where the leading characters share different opinions and everyone who reads it will participate in their “daily lives, family experiences and current events in terms of history, politics, religion and customs.” These are facts and current events with which we can all identify.


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