The Sublimotion restaurant in Ibiza starts a new season with guest chefs


Dani García, Diego Guerrero, Toño Pérez and Paco Torreblanca team up with Paco Roncero for the “gastronomic performance”

Sublimotion will launch the new season “combining the most advanced technology with teamwork from Spanish professionals and artists, and leaders from the world of gastronomy, staging, music, art, design, technology, magic, illustration, and neuroscience”.

Names like Dani García, Diego Guerrero, Toño Perez and Paco Torreblanca will be added to the rank of Paco Roncero, so with these guys on board Sublimotion can claim to be an 8 star Michelin restaurant this year.

The all-star lined will be rounded off with Alfonso Aguilar, the soundtrack composer with a long track record working out of LA, Juan Carlos Paz, the illustrator from Madrid and the Spanish magician, Jorge Blass.

José Piñero, the Alicante craftsman, will handle the design of the decor and experimental dinnerware, and for the second year in a row, DJ and producer Wally López will provide the music.

The “gastronomic performance” presents a combination “of augmented and virtual reality applied to the dining experience” with dramatic scenery changes with each course.

As part of the experience, diners have the opportunity to “dive into an ultramodern future, venture into the cabaret scene of the early 20th century, travel aboard the Sublimotion airlines and touch down in Southeast Asia or dance in the hells fenced in by flames and the greatest of culinary sins”, says the organisation.


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