The Caribbean whale sanctuary


Samaná Bay, located northwest of the Dominican Republic, is one of the best places in the world for the observation of a significant population of humpback whales that come to the area each year to mate and give birth.

Dominican Republic offers visitors a multitude of activities and attractions that go beyond the traditional sun and beach offers of its many and, let’s highlight to be fair, magnificent resorts. Many of these proposals have to do with its tremendous natural wealth, both inland on its coastline. One of the most magical trips that a tourist can do in this country is a visit to the Shrine of Humpback Whales in Samaná Bay in Banco de la Plata y la Navidad.

A place where every year during the months from December to April, some 3,000 whales leave their natural habitat in the cold waters of the North Atlantic from countries such as Iceland or Canada, to transform the Dominican tropical waters into the stage of their mating rituals, as well as their favorite place to give birth.

It is an absolutely wonderful and marvelous spectacle of nature: males over 40 tons jumping over the water trying to win the favor and attention of females of their species in a hypnotic courtship of nature, complemented by long and monotonous songs they emit under water, which become audible within a radius of 30 kilometers.

An average of 60,000 people attend each year to this area, one of the largest protected areas in the country, to enjoy a unique spectacle. According to the national environmental authorities, this place has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary as a great sanctuary of the Caribbean Basin for the protection of these majestic marine mammals.

It is highly recommended to complement this nature observing experience with a visit to the  Samaná Museum of Whales, located near the center of the village of the same name. A space that has a high quality exposition about humpback whales and their migrations, peculiarities, eating habits, behavior, reproductive characteristics, as well as information on several sister sanctuaries in the area. One of its main attractions is the real skeleton of a whale within its facilities, with which you can personally experience its sheer size in proportion to the human body.

This animal knowledge and study center  is located just 30 minutes by plane from the capital, Santo Domingo, and about 200 kilometers from Puerto Plata. So if you are a lover of the animal world, you should consider a lovely excursion of nearly three hours along the north coast of the island and attend the call of the whales.

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