They also put on makeup! (Athough it may not seem like it…)


Who says makeup is not a guy thing? They also have imperfections they want to cover, face features they want to highlight, and transmit part of their personality through this everyday activity which at the same time is so much of an art.

Like women, men should take care of their skin, preparing it before makeup to obtain the perfect result. Here we detail the key elements to creating a natural makeup, adapted to the characteristics of men:

  1. Moisturizer: You can use your girl’s if you are in trouble, but nourish your face! Spread the cream on the skin according to the manner of application, forget about marking cardinal points with creams because the skin pores absorb differently.
  2. Eye contour: “From the age of 25 it is a must.” Always apply the contour with the ring finger because it has the least power and avoid the index finger because it is the pointing finger and always puts more pressure on the eye area. The correct direction: from lacrimal area out.
  3. Concealer: To cover imperfections such as pimples, redness and dark circles. Apply with a brush to be more accurate than finger and blur out the concealer to reduce redness.
  4. Makeup foundation: A light BB Cream-type foundation can be applied with hands for it to better melt with the skin or with a brush in form of a flame so it is implemented in a more diffused mannaer and so as to avoid cuts at the face edges; apply towards the neck, not forgetting the ears.
  5. Foundation-sealing powder: Opt for the translucent powders that do not add more color to maintain our long look.
  6. Lips: Men tend to have very dry lips, use a moisturizing balm to repair them.
  7. Beard: Well trimmed and neat. Normally, beards grow in a V-shape, ending with a peak, for this reason in most cases they seem to drag and go dry.
  8. Eyebrows: Well plucked, as far as possible from the female form. The eyebrows can be bushy but with a clean space between them. If you don’t have any eyebrows or they are very thin, you can fill them with a medium brown shade in between the hairs, blurring the shade and thus give a natural result.
  9. Eyelash mascara: Brown or transparent for a natural look.
  10. Facial features: For the more daring, for an evening event or a fashion editorial, you can highlight the facial features with a light brown matte blush or a bone-color shadow. Mark the cheekbones and, if you have no beard, the jaw.

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