G’vine inspires creativity in Arco


G’Vine will present for the first time in Spain, live art from Mr. Plant in their space created by Izaskun Chinchinilla who debuts at ARCOmadrid.

The exclusive gin brand G’Vine joins for the first time the prestigious international contemporary art fair (ARCO) in which the 35th edition is celebrated. ARCOmadrid takes place from the 24 to the 28 of February in the Spanish capital.

Being real to its philosophy Unconventionalist, G’Vine explores new horizons and emerges in the art world through one of the most international level essential dates. ARCO reunite in every edition artist which have a differentiated and particular vision of the world. The creative look and visionary spirit, is precisely the fundamental motors which driven G’Vine.

The French brand, will have an exclusive space design by the well known Spanish architecture Izaskun Chinchilla responsible as well for the VIP area of ARCO in this year edition, in which design, architecture and creativity converge. Chinchilla has been inspired in the G’Vine universe to materialize the philosophy of the brand through a personal and multidisciplinary vision about designing spaces which make her unique. Her influences beyond aesthetics are focus on the human being through sociology and nature, through ecology. Izaskun Chinchilla designs in the present thinking about the future with a great visionary spirit.

“the Gvine space for ARCO 2016 proposes to the visitor a classical challenge in the art of many ages and places: as soon as they enter, the visitor will discover, never the less, if he its standing inside of the apartment looking at the exterior garden or outside descrying the intimacy of others from a window” Izaskun Chinchilla

The study made by Izaskun Chinchilla has discover in G’Vine that they drink from the same inspirational fountains “in order to design this space Izaskun Chinchilla Architects has been inspire in many of the things that have been inspirational in the construction of the Gvine brand. Among them we highlighted the passion for investigation in the world of botanic and nature, the unreachable search for new solutions and love for the general culture, the European in particular.”

Passionate about the new forms of creation that breaks conventionalism, G’Vine has invited the French artist Mr. Plant, who will be travelling for the first time to Spain, and will show live his creative process. The G’Vine space will welcome the artsy Project inspire in the universe of the brand Christophe Guinet –name of the artist hidden behind Mr. Plant- that have design for this important meeting. Mr. Plant has joined his love for art and botanic in a unique and original Project from which he has been known internationally. His sculptures recreate inert objects to create life in them trough natural elements that endure in time.

“Inspiring myself in the shape of the bottle and the 10 botanic that joined in order to create G’Vine, I wanted to express in my project the force and the sweetness. The force through the cortex of the trees that simulates life and the sweetness from the flower of the grape through a composition of White flowers that represent delicately and nobility” Mr. Plant.

Izaskun Chinchilla as well of Mr. Plant have known how to break the establish barriers to create new forms of looking the world through their creativity in which both represent to perfection the Unconventional universe of G’Vine which objective is to inspire, discover and enhance creativity.


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