Drinking rituals


The mystical and the human are interwoven in ceremonies thanks to balché, made from corn and nectar from the tree of the same name, and refreshment of gods

 Corn and nectar from the balché tree with a little anise according to taste. They are the ingredients of balché, a drink par excellence of the Mayan ceremonies and rituals, especially in Riviera Maya, where the mystical and human overlap.

It is said that the balché was the first drink of the gods and it was offered to goblins who cared for the animals of the mountains. It is also said that was initially banned by the arrival of Spanish, although the colonists lifted the ban after being convinced of its healing qualities.

And the balché is not a lucrative beverage such as beer but it is reserved for special and spiritual moments, even temazcal rituals, or to offer to the dead during the celebrations of the Day of the Dead. At the Blue Diamond Riviera Maya*****GL hotel, where a free temazcal ceremony is offered to guests, you can attest to how balché is more than a simple drink.

Full of mysticism, the balché special helps to maintain the Mayan legacy alive today and bring those who drink it closer to the gods.


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