The best technological wishlist for travelers


If you are passionate about travelling and love using new technology that makes your life easier, this list is perfect for you.

This wish-list will make you fall in love with these gadgets, leaving you with the sensation that you’ll never be able to travel again without them! Not only will you adore their original designs, but these gadgets will also help make your trips simpler and more enjoyable.

  1. Beoplay A1 Portable Speaker by Bang & Olufsen

If you’re a music lover and you can’t travel without it, Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay A1 portable speaker is your best bet. Why is this? First, because it is portable and wireless. Second, the sound quality is crystal clear. And third, you will love its other stand-out features such as Bluetooth connectivity, up-to-24-hours battery life and True360 sound technology, which means you can listen to your favourite songs wherever you are in the world. The portable speaker is available in silver, green and black.

  1. Urban Assault Backpack by Mystery Ranch

When you travel, it is of utmost importance to have everything that you may need to hand, with it being particularly necessary to carry your belongings in the most practical and organised manner possible. This is guaranteed by the Urban Assault backpack, created by Mystery Ranch. The company initially created this backpack to be used in the military, but the model has since been adapted for use by all types of travellers. Its ergonomic features, combined with its large size and practical design, make this the best backpack for travelling. Other notable features include its separate compartments for your laptop and tablet, ensuring that your devices remain safe on your trip.

  1. Neso Grande Beach Tent by Neso Tents

If there is nothing you like more than camping on the beach, look no further than Neso Tents. Besides the uniqueness and practicality of the models, their tents also have the best quality, designs and technology available on the market. This Neso Grande Beach Tent is an impermeable SPF 50+ sunshade manufactured from nylon and Lycra. The best thing about this incredible product, however, is the great ease with which it is assembled, transported and stored.

  1. Mavic Pro Drone by Hasselblad

Not only is DJI the biggest manufacturer of commercial drones, but it also makes one of the best products in the field of aerial photography. The Mavic Pro Drone by Hasselblad is widely considered to be the gadget of the year, taking into account the improvements made from its predecessor, its increased speed, greater reach and longer battery life. However, the most attractive feature of this flying device is the Hasselblad 20-megapixel camera, with f/2.8 – f/11 lens aperture and 1” sensor. Put simply, this device is ideal for capturing the most incredible moments from a bird’s-eye view.


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