Top ten travel ‘apps’


Many mobile applications help us travel with just a “click”

There are many more than ten, but LookOut has chosen these to make travels easier, more efficient and satisfactory.

 1. Tourist Eye

It allows us to create our own tour guide adapted to our tastes and needs, with maps, annotations and routes. The app works without an Internet connection provided we have previously uploaded our trip, so it is very useful if we travel abroad.

 2. Maptia

It is a combination of a blog and social network that helps you find points of interest based on previous experiences shared by users. Each place is related to the stories told about it. Even several writers collaborate with the application to write stories about the places they have visited …

 3. The Trip tribe

This ‘app’ is a must if you travel alone and want to find someone with the same interests and with whom to share the journey. The only downside is that the traveler must adapt to destinations previously offered.

 4. Yelp

It is one of the best known and most used as it gathers feedback on facilities, whether good or bad. The most honest criticism will always be found in this application.

 5. Settle Up

Useful if we travel in group or share expenses with other travelers. With this application, we can keep control over all expenses and apply them proportionally to all friends or only a few. It helps avoid the problems that arise in this type of travel. Multiple currencies are available.

 6. Word Lens

It translates into our language in real-time posters, signs and directions through the images that we add with our camera. As with Tourist Eye, the application works without an Internet connection and in several languages.

 7. Wifi finder

It helps find wifi networks both where we are in that moment and the sites that we are planning to visit. Definitely one of the most simple applications, and one of the most useful to stay connected as long as possible.

 8. Field Trip

If we want to discover something new and get away from the typical routes and places, this is the app to use. It will make our trip unique.

9. Entrain

It helps adjust schedules and sleep to combat jet-lag in the best way. It is reccommended to read thoroughly how it works as it is difficult to operate.

 10. Mimento

If we love sending postcards, we can do it virtually thanks to this application. Using pictures we have taken ourselves with our mobile, the system will print size 10×12 cm postcard and send it to the recipient of our choice.


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