The artwork of headbands & tiaras


In 2015, the most demanding female’s heads will go for metal parts and wax elements to complete their outfit

Adorn the head is not a fashionable thing. In fact, in all ages women have chosen to complete their outfits with dresses and brimmed hats of all styles.

During the 80s and 90s, fashion relegated headdress and hats, but the twenty first century these head fashions are back and stronger than ever. Flowers, feathers and other elements adorn the headdresses and Pamelas for many special events, especially weddings since then.

In 2014 they gained momentum to start 2015 as a very important part of the woman outfit. Undoubtedly, metal parts and converted into art wax will make this year the beginning of a new era in the design of headbands.

The most demanding ones are the metal ones, including gold, silver or bronze, of various shapes and filigree. All of them are handmade following a process of thorough research and creative. The result are flowers and shapes of all types, as a whole, create authentic “fetish pieces” as Suma Cruz says, one of the best-known headbands brands.

On the other hand, small orange blossom and jasmine all made of wax and following the style, which already was wore in the late nineteenth century and with great success in France. Surely it is “Le Touquet” the best example of this meticulous technique results in crowns and headdresses with flowers that radiate elegance and romance.

In both cases, creativity and craftsmanship are the common part, and the art piece is the result.

Image: Suma Cruz.


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