The Best of CES 2015: One year closer to the car of the future


As every January since many years, Las Vegas has become the scene of Consumer Electronic Sow (CES). In the event, held from 6th till 9th of January, some of the trends that will prevail in the automotive market and consumer electronics for 2015 and the future years have shown.

We review the most interesting parts of the event:

Best TV in 2015: Samsung SUHD vs. LG OLED

The latest front in the bitter corporate rivalry between Samsung and LG is new high-end TV tech. At CES Samsung introduced its “SUHD” line of LED LCDs in an attempt to compete against the picture quality supremacy of OLED, which delivers the best image we’ve ever tested. LG’s OLED introductions were all 4K, and we expect them to continue to be exorbitantly expensive.

On the other hand, Samsumg SUHD TV heralds the next generation of UHD picture quality and is set to wow you. It’s an amazing leap forward made possible by groundbreaking quantum dot technology. Put simply, these screens feature crystals 50,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. They deliver stunning contrast and striking brightness – more than twice that of ordinary TVs. You’ll also find the vivid colour equally impressive. At 64 times better than you’d see on a standard TV, it has a cinematic quality.

A year closer to the car of the future

It has four wheels, is always connected and the driver is optional: the car of the future is starting to take shape from collaboration between automakers and their technology partners.

One of the most ambitious of the prototypes on display comes from German auto giant Daimler, which rolled its electric-powered Mercedes-Benz F 015 through the streets of Las Vegas without a driver to show how four occupants can converse face-to-face while leaving the driving to an on-board computer.

Internet of Things (IoT)

If last year was the fever wearables, in 2015 we went to their evolution towards more global, the Internet of Things (IoT). The trend that started a few years ago is to bring internet to all, or nearly all, household appliances and tools, such as light bulbs, washing machines and refrigerators. Although there are very interesting approaches, the truth is still lacking for us to see objects that actually want to buy and include in our home. Say this technology enjoys a moment like the computer for many years. Are known to be great, but still you are looking for real and invisible to the global market for application users.

For groups niche, yes there have been some curious devices such as Smart Feeder, which will calculate and provide the necessary power to your pet as variables such as weight or age. All this, of course, can be operated and monitored from your smartphone.




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