The top make-up hashtags that are trending right now


#Strobing, #Croming, #Grooming, #Baking… What does it all mean? Make-up is bigger news than ever, as proved by the number of new trends and hashtags popping up over recent seasons. New techniques get noticed and immediately go viral on social media. Would you like to learn the secrets behind the top make-up hashtags and master the techniques? Read on…

  1. Contouring: A technique designed to give volume to the face using dark and light matte shades. It’s on trend now, but it’s based on classic methods of bringing out facial structure, and it’s an essential tool for any professional make-up artist.
  1. Clown Contouring: Essentially the same technique as contouring, but with added use of colour-correctors and brighteners to give areas of the skin different tones.
  1. Strobing: The name of this highlighting technique comes from a trendsetting cream from M·A·C: Strobe, a product with iridescent micro-particles that give a dewy, luminous look to the skin.
  1. Croming: A variation on strobing. Use a frosty, shimmery highlighter in champagne or pink tones with iridescent highlights to give skin a lush, sparkly glow. This technique, a trend created by M·A·C’s senior artist Dominic Skinner, is created with a lipstick — specifically, M·A·C’s “All I Want,” inspired by Mariah Carey. Croming is recommended for party nights out as the effect is much more marked than strobing.
  1. Baking: It’s a technique that’s been used in the drag community for years… but what is it exactly? Make up your face using concealer and foundation, then apply a generous layer of translucent powder underneath the eyes and on your nose and forehead. Leave it on for 10 minutes to allow it to bake or “cook” with the warmth of the skin, helping the make-up to set. To complete the process, remove excess powder with a brush.
  1. Grooming: In the world of make-up, grooming refers to men who use make-up without it being noticeable. It’s a common technique for men who have skin imperfections, large pores, acne or other marks. It’s make-up that conceals, without looking like make-up.

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