The secrets behind red lips


Let’s face it, red lipstick makes a bad day better, we look hotter in front of the mirror, and it helps gloss over a bad night and a pouting face. Red lipstick always gives a lift to any look and wins over any situation

María Soláns, celebrity makeup artist and director of the Mery Make-Up School and Agency, assures us that by applying red makeup to the lips we can face the day ahead with motivation, optimism, energy and attitude.

What are the benefits of red lipstick?

–       Conceals dark circles

–       Provides the appearance of a great face immediately/instantly

–       Great for both day and night

–       One of the basics of any women’s vanity kit

–       Depending on the range of tones it can look great on everyone

What shade of red suits you best?

There are shades of red that favour some women more than others. In addition to following this colour pattern according to your hair colour, it’s also advisable to try it out at home until you find the shade that suits you best.

–       Brunettes & Granny Hair: Bright red, red at its most powerful tone.

–       Blondes: A clearer red is best, particularly the range of tomato reds.

–       Redheads: Orange-reds.

–       Chestnut browns: Dark crimson reds with a red wine tint.

Tips for red lips

–       Try with a pre-base lip fixative or apply a lip line fixer at the end so the lipstick doesn’t crack.

–       Moisten your lips with a balm before applying makeup.

–       Outline and fill your lips beforehand using a pencil with the same shade of red. This way you’ll make sure the red lipstick lasts longer and doesn’t go over the lines and the corners of your lips.

–       Apply the lipstick with a brush and not directly from the lipstick bar itself to get a more polished look and well-defined lips.

–      Too much lipstick? Avoid stains on your teeth by sucking on your index finger and gently sliding it straight out of your mouth to remove excess lipstick.




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