Appreciate Tulum with new eyes thanks to augmented reality


The Tulum ruins, one of the most visited sites in Mexico, will have its own augmented reality app starting this summer, allowing users to view the restoration work being carried out, and 3D models of the original constructions to know and understand a little more about the relevance of this ceremonial and trade centre during its golden age.

The app will be available in English and Spanish for iOS and Android devices and will include photos, videos and 3D models of the four main buildings of the Tulum ceremonial centre. These include building number 1 or the Castle, building number 5 or the Descending God temple, building number 16 or the Frescos temple, and the building known as the house of the Halach Uinic.

These buildings were chosen because it’s where the main restoration work is being carried out, or because the have wall paintings, but for conservation reasons are not open to the public.

The app will show a 3D model of the original construction or its different phases, details about the architecture, murals, masks and reliefs. The historical documentation for this project is based on research from a multidisciplinary team of researchers endorsed by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).



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