Successful startups in the Spanish fitness sector


There are currently 331 affiliated Crossfit gyms in Spain, making it the third country in Europe behind England and Italy, with the number of estimated subscribers to a CrossFit box in Spain at more than 50,000, it’s now a perfect niche market for startups involved in the sector.

The growth of startups in our country has risen by 28% in recent years compared to previous years, in 2017 alone, more than €478 M was invested in Spanish startups up until the end of September.

CrossFit has is now the fastest growing fitness phenomenon in the world. Given this outlook, companies set up around the “CrossFit phenomenon” are presented with great business opportunities in the fitness market. It’s an almost virgin niche market with engaged customers who are concerned about their health, have spending power, and value the quality of the products, personalised services, and brand identity.

Infowod is an online magazine specialising in CrossFit in Spain with more than 35,000 unique monthly visits to its website, 50,000+ followers on Facebook and 10,000 on Instagram.

Until Infowod was set up in September 2015, there was nothing like it in Spain covering the training discipline that originated in the USA. The portals that were out there were really only showing what was happening abroad or presenting a small sample of what was going on in Spain. Infowod, therefore, came about as a conscious response to a real demand for quality content and information about the sector at a national level.

Only in business for two years, with its own financing, and a staff of more than 25 collaborators, Infowod is part of the new group of startups that has arisen from the “CrossFit phenomenon”. The company, with its technological base in Malaga, started out as a blog with its contents written in Spanish. At present, Infowod is the go-to informative source of information for Spanish-speaking CrossFit professionals and enthusiasts and has started a revolution in the market for this type of training coming from the United States.

“Infowod has positioned itself as a reference point in the CrossFit world in Spain. We’ve managed to do this thanks to the professionalism of our team and collaborators, our business approach centred on constantly innovating our products and services, along with personalisation, and constant feedback from our customers,” says Daniel Sánchez, the Infowod CEO.

The startup figure is now a relevant player in the business environment and has found its footing as an essential agent in any country’s economy. The business model of startups is known for its commitment to new products and services, and displaying an innovative business structure far removed from traditional views.

Spain is currently the third country in Europe behind England and Italy, with 331 affiliated CrossFit gyms and an estimated 50,000+ subscribers to a CrossFit box. Today, it’s a perfect niche market for startups with the “Made in Spain” stamp and has created a real boom for Spanish startups emerging from the CrossFit sector.

Sánchez says, “CrossFit has a defined niche market with a target audience that’s considerably loyal to the identity of related brands, and this makes it very appealing for new companies prepared to invest, knowing they can obtain an interesting return on their investment.” The list of companies within the national CrossFit scene is quite extensive, covering equipment, machines and fitness cages (Maniak Fitness & Singular Wod), new technologies (CrossHero & Crossrm), sportswear (Fehuhreinn & Lithe), sports material (Velites & Picsil), nutrition (Paleobull & Cherky) and online magazines (Infowod y Revista Paleo), among others.



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