Travel super gadgets


Original, useful and even incredible. We recommend these gadgets that make it easier to see the world

Who has not ever traveled and found small problems that make the journey a little more complicated for us? Who has not found salvation during a trip in a small contraption or junk, useless beforehand?

The constant travel, the brilliant minds of some and the ease of finding the most unlikely over the Internet, have made travel more comfortable thanks to incredibly original gadgets.

Losing a suitcase is one of the biggest fears when traveling. Problem solved. At least the one of not knowing where our luggage is. Although we cannot prevent our suitcase being lost, we can know where it is thanks to a small GPS placed inside and through synchronization with our mobile phone, it indicates where it is. They cost about 50 euros and can be found on online selling websites.

A cheaper version of GPS are cards with a programmable QR code that the person who finds the lost luggage can scan and thus locate the owner.

Another technological gadget to delight anyone is a small external hard drive that enables you to enjoy movies or music we have at home thousands of kilometers away. Just pair it with your computer before heading to our holiday.

Cleanliness and order is another problem that we often have when traveling. Who does not get nervous when the towel is filled with sand? Now, there is a solution: a towel with fabric of military origin that filters the sand when it falls on it, as well as water and dust. And as it will not stain, we can place on it a solar battery charger for our mobile. We can take advantage of the sun without the necessity of a socket.

And for our hands, soap leaves thinner than paper. They come in a tiny box. Just pour water on our hands and the leaves will become soap. There are also shampoo, bath gel and shaving foam sheets.

And so, even tens of objects more, incredible but true. But these recommendations could not end without the now famous ‘selfie stick,’ right? Who does not have one today?


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