All you need to know about the Wakana Reunion festival and its ‘Full Moon’ edition


Acid Pauli, Alice Phoebe Lou (live), Nickodemus, Yokoo, Mira, Otzeki and Calabrese are just some of the names set to perform this weekend in the second edition of the festival, due to be attended by just 1000 people at the Los Alcornocales Natural Park in Cádiz.

With only three days to go before ticket-holders can enjoy and experience the ninth edition of the Wakana Reunion, the comprehensive ‘wellness’ line-up has been released, perfectly complementing the musical, artistic and gastronomical offerings of this year’s event, held in one of the most magical and protected natural ancient enclaves surrounding the magnificent lake of the Los Alcornocales Natural Park in Cádiz.

Electronic meditation, cacao ceremonies, kirtan, crystal ceremonies during the full moon in Scorpio, yoga and HoopYogini, a full moon ceremony, yinyang yoga, zogaflow and Ayurvedic massages are just some of the activities comprised in the Wakana Reunion wellness programme, which will be held between 17 and 19 May. You can view the entire programme on the festival’s website by clicking here.



With music as an axis of connection, the line-up for the second edition of Wakana Reunion is exquisitely coordinated with the surroundings at all times of the day and night, with up to 35 international artists sharing a common denominator: pleasant music that is well suited to the landscape and the audience choosing to attend the event. Acid Pauli, Kalabrese, Mira, Alice Phoebe Lou (live), Yokoo, Geju, Nickodemus and a live performance by Josué Bonnín de Góngora, among others, will shine under the full moon in May. This will take place in a valley boasting magnificent views over a large lake, surrounded by Phoenician remains, Neolithic dolmens and caves bearing paintings on their walls. Discover the timetable:



Besides the ‘wellness’ line-up, there’s also a vast offering of water sports in the park’s lake, including paddle surfing, kayaking and water skiing.

Gastronomy is also one of the festival’s main courses, with three separate areas selling local delicacies including retinto beef, Almadraba tuna and local seasonal vegetables.

The Kids’ Space in this ‘Full Moon Edition’ is even bigger and better than before, with more activities and proposals based around the magic of playing, relaxation, rest, education and conscience.

There will also be a Market, a place for purchasing hand-made products from young creatives, which aims to promote a model for sustainable and ethical living.


Tickets for the Wakana Reunion ‘Full Moon Edition’ are almost sold out. Remember there’s only 1000 tickets available. Go to the website to get your secret code, giving you access to the sales platform – if they aren’t all sold out yet.

A boutique festival limited to only one thousand people; 1000 tickets that can only be purchased using a secret code that gives access to our website. Don’t miss out!


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