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Technological developments now offer more comforts than ever before. If you are an adventure traveller, you now have options to make things easier and keep yourself safe, thanks to help from a number of tech gadgets.

This article features some of the top new gadgets you can take with you on your adventures to make sure you are safer, more comfortable and have a better experience.

Survival tablet

This is one of the most useful and comprehensive gadgets you can pack for your adventure trip. Android has created a new survival tablet with thousands of maps, instant weather updates, two-way communication, satellite-powered compass, solar charging system, radio receiver, GPS and much more.

All of this comes in a small, light device with a screen under six inches. The tablet uses E-ink, which can be read under any kind of light, and if you get lost at night, you can use the screen as a powerful torch.

Solar charger

Another must-have gadget for adventure travellers is a solar charger. A solar charger avoids the nuisance and extra weight of having to pack different kinds of battery chargers for different devices.

The best chargers are light and can attach perfectly to a small backpack. All you have to do is unfold it, clip it to one of the hooks on your backpack, and start walking. By the end of the day, you will have more than enough power to charge all your devices.

Survival bracelet

Although the idea is nothing new, traditional survival bracelets are always a good tool to have close to hand.

There are now a number of comprehensive options available, in which the adjustable wrist strap acts as a survival bracelet, while the watch includes a compass and an internal compartment has flexible tubes with survival objects that will help you start a fire, a magnifying glass, a small knife, water purifying tablets, a hook and line for fishing and a whistle for emergencies.

Emergency satellite beacons

This gadget makes sure you can share your location safely, and if any kind of accident occurs, others will be able to find you.

This technology does not depend on your smartphone coverage, and if something happens, you will be able to share your location with emergency rescue teams and communicate with them.

Portable solar cookers

If you go into the wild on a trip that will last more than 48 hours, you will probably want to eat something better than sweets, sandwiches and energy bars.  Your plans should involve cooking, and a warm meal will make you feel much better on cold nights out camping.

Solar cookers don’t just work when you need to cook without gas, but they can also charge your electronic devices.

But I’m sure you want to know – will they work on a cloudy day? The answer is yes! These devices work even on a cloudy day, so you can always cook something tasty.

Water filters

There are some gadgets that mean you don’t have to wait for hours to drink water, which can be the case for water purifying tablets.

Now you can drink from a straw with two filters that remove all the harmful bacteria as you drink.

Solar torches: wind-up torches and headlamps

A torch is maybe the most essential gadget you need when camping, and there are many different options available such as solar torches, emergency torches and light-sensitive headlamps.

The emergency lights weigh less than 100g, and they provide an hour of light after winding up the handle for a few minutes. They are ideal for evening excursions that continue after dark.

Solar torches are a little heavier but also more powerful, and some of them even have a small first-aid kit inside the tube.

But the best gadget with everything you need is the light-sensitive headlamp. It makes sure that the power in your torch adjusts depending on the light levels in your surroundings.

Portable hot water shower

I’m sure that, like any good adventure traveller, you are prepared to get by with the basics in the wild for as long as needed. Nonetheless, after a few days in backwoods, you will be longing for a hot water shower.

A portable shower is something that you should always take with you on your adventure trips, especially if you want to get lost in nature for several days. Some of them can carry up to 25 litres and have a handle that can be attached to tree trunks and branches. In addition, the water is heated using solar energy, which means you can enjoy a pleasant hot shower in nature.

Digital recording binoculars

When you are out in nature, good binoculars are a must if you want to discover hidden beauty and colours. They are extremely useful on holidays when you are expecting to see a lot of flora and fauna. Now you can also take high definition pictures and video of everything you see through your binoculars.

Relaxing hammocks

Sleeping in a hammock between the trees is appealing as it speaks of comfort and freedom, but a hammock can also be a better and more useful option, as the floor is often wet or crawling with insects.

There are some truly unique hammocks available, like one with three levels, where two stories are for sleeping and the third acts as a roof. Another option is a hybrid between a camping tent and a hammock, where you can choose which you want to use depending on the ground conditions.

Now you have all the advice and recommendations you need to set off on your adventure!


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