A route through the galleries of contemporary art in the city of Panama


At the point where two oceans and two continents come together is Panama City, a hybrid of Latin American, Afro-Caribbean and European cultures, which have generated over time a wide current of contemporary artists enriched by this mixture. A Latin metropolis that has become home to a vibrant artistic fusion of indigenous and modern influences. LookOut Magazine presents an interesting route through ten best contemporary art galleries in the bustling capital.

  1. Dgriss Art Gallery

Located in the famous Tower of the Americas, the Dgriss Art Gallery shows visitors a wide selection of high quality work by emerging artists from around the world. The couple who run the place, Daniela and Pablo Griss, give the gallery a personal touch, providing viewers a unique experience.

  1. DiabloRosso

Founded in 2006 and located in the Old Town, DiabloRosso is one of the few experimental spaces in Panama City that supports and promotes young artists. DiabloRosso aims to promote thought and has become an innovative multifunctional center consisting of an exhibition hall, a restaurant-café and a shop.

  1. Weil Art Gallery

This luxury gallery presents a remarkable series of paintings and sculptures and crafts of local and international origin. It includes handmade pieces from the XXI century by Panamanian indigenous tribes like the Wounaan, Embera and Kuna. Making it a unique space offering a clear representation of modernity and tradition. Located in the Old Quarter, the gallery is the only art auction house in Panama; its owner Carlos Weil, an expert on Latin American art, is proud of his work and invests his energy in research and collection of art pieces. Weil is also the author of the book “Canal of Many Colours” which narrates the history of Panama and its canal through the eyes of several contemporary artists.

  1. Galería Arteconsult

With over 30 years of experience, Arteconsult Gallery is a permanent exhibition with works by renowned Panamanian and Latin American artists. From abstract to figurative works of art, this place show an extraordinary assortment of acrylic paintings, oil paintings, photographs, sculptures and graphic arts.

  1. Mateo Sariel Galería

Located in the upscale neighborhood of Coco del Mar, Mateo Sariel Gallery is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary art in Latin America. To date, the gallery has presented 84 individual and collective exhibitions of some of the most influential national and Latin American artists in the contemporary scene.

  1. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC)

The Museum of Contemporary Art is the only privately owned museum of contemporary art in Panama and home to the world’s most comprehensive collection of contemporary Panamanian art. Founded in 1983 in a renovated Masonic Temple, MAC collects, preserves and presents the art of Panama and the rest of Latin America. With excellent permanent collection including numerous pieces from the twentieth century, the museum frequently hosts temporary exhibitions of renowned and new Panamanian and foreign artists. More than just a collection of art, the MAC also houses an extensive library and archives open to the public, with a vision of promoting the history of art in Panama and Latin America.

  1. Marión Gallery

Marión Gallery is a cultural space dedicated to promoting contemporary art by artists of international renown. With three exhibition halls, the most distinctive feature of this gallery is the permanent exhibition dedicated to the Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, one of the most prominent figures in the current art scene with works distributed in museums worldwide.

  1. A Priori Galería de Arte

A Priori Art Gallery houses a rich collection of photographs, paintings and sculptures. The ground floor of the gallery has a permanent collection of important works from Panama and Latin America.

  1. Allegro Galería

Founded in 1991, Allegro Gallery began organizing a series of exhibitions of the most famous artist from the Panamanian art scene, such as Brooke Alfaro, Isabel De Obaldia and Olga Sinclair. In 2000, the gallery organized an exciting exhibition to mark the beginning of the XXI century with an exhibition of works of 20 top artists living in Panama. Over the years, the gallery has gained a remarkable reputation in the city of Panama, as it continues to support and promote the work of local and international artists.

  1. Legacy Fine Art Gallery

Located in the commercial center of Balboa, this gallery exhibits paintings of famous artists, especially from Panama, Chile, Cuba and Colombia, offering visitors a broad perspective on contemporary Latin American art.


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