Flying over Dubai via Jetpack looks like a definitive hoot


Like a pacifistic version of Iron Man and War Machine, Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet soared over Dubai wearing futuristic conveyances ripped from the pages of science fiction.    

There’s an amazing video (h/t Digg), which features two men who managed to tour Dubai in something far more remarkable than the ridiculously expensive cars that bustle about the roads. Instead, they strapped jetpacks to their respective backs and jumped out of a perfectly fine helicopter, which led to buzzing about the desert and the area’s famed skyline, for what was eventually a captivating video.

It’s one thing to hop on a helicopter or plane and see Dubai from high above the city streets. It’s quite another to whiz by towers like a human who has finally evolved to appreciate an actual bird’s-eye view of the planet.

From this 4K video, we have to say that the opportunity would be a breathtaking one. But until we get our own jetpacks, which science fiction promised long ago, we will have to continue to simply imagine.

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