Yummies: The new luxury consumers


Their habits extend to use beauty treatments and in particular they like to take care of their hands and feet that proudly show on their social networks.

Many people will ask: What is Yummy?

Yummy, is the word used for young urban males. This word has been used in a report on the use of luxury by one of the largest financial institutions in the world, HSBC. Yummy is a word that defines a new urban “tribe” related to the consumption of luxury. The word refers to young man 24-30 years old, eager to show their social status by focusing on their image.

A yummy love to buy clothes, leather goods, watches, new technology and, unlike ‘metrosexual’, the Yummy not only use cosmetics and beauty treatments, they also like to brags about it on social networks.

Celebrities like David Beckham and Johnny Depp have been photographed with their nail polish, but it was the rapper Snoop Dogg who sparked the most interest when he published his French manicure in celebrities favorite social network: Instagram. The most demanded beauty treatment for Yummies are manicures and pedicures, and only the sassy ones request a gloss or nude colored nail polish.

Now the term ‘metrosexual’ gives prominence to the new Yummies.


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