“Campobaja”, a story of seafood, tradition and sustainability in Mexico City


The restaurant, managed by the chef Ezequiel Hernández, is more than a gastronomic experience, it’s a sensory adventure.

Located in the Roma district of Mexico City, Campobaja is the first place that has invented the concept of country fish food, in other words, the setting, the drinks and the preparation of the fish and shellfish transport us to another world, the world of the Guerro Negro fishing community in Baja California Sur. By visiting Campobaja, you’ll discover incredible food that characterises the freshness, simplicity and originality of Mexican folkloric and its fishing areas.

Campobaja believes in the power of people and respects the ocean’s seasonal nature and life-forms. The dishes tell not only the story of the product, but also the producer, and the flavours that speak for those who work at sea and bring the dishes to the table.

The restaurant respects the seasonal nature of seafood by only working with fishermen who adhere to the closed season, minimum length and size and the reproduction of the marine species. As a result of this, the menu changes daily and is created for the most discerning of palates without ever losing the origin and simplicity of the products.

Campobaja’s identity and gastronomy are defined by simplicity, freshness and the source of the products. The food must always retain its natural flavour, so very few ingredients are used, there’s little, or no cooking and seasonings are kept to a bare minimum. The goal is to exploit the natural flavours, the experience gained and provided to the Chef directly from his experiences with the fishermen of Baja California Sur.

The restaurant’s architecture directly contributes to this sensory experience. From the moment you step inside Campobaja, the materials, decoration and different areas move you to a different geographical location. Some of the materials used are recycled and exposed in their primary form, the wooden features create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere, and the lighting and ventilation are perfect for you to enjoy a three-course meal, desserts and an after-dinner drink and chat.


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