Discover the latest trend in water sports on the Coronado beach: Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP).


Join an introductory course and learn to hold yourself steady on the board and control it with the paddle. Plus, you will get to know the sea and its environment in a whole new way. You’ll love it!

Just an hour away from Panama City, Coronado and the surrounding beaches are a perfect destination for lovers of all kinds of water sports, but this season, from here at LookOut Magazine, we propose this new form of surfing that is gaining fans by the day.

Its origins go back to ancient times. It is still up to debate whether it was the Polynesian peoples or the ancient pre-Columbian civilizations in the beaches of northern Peru. What is clear is that the popularity of SUP as a modern sport has its epicenter in the Hawaiian Islands. The most recent history dates back to the 60s, when the Beach Boys (Surf Instructors) in Waikiki Beach used their longboards and canoe paddles to help tourists learn to surf. In early 2000, Hawaiian surfers such as Dave Kalama, Brain Keaulana, Archie Kalepa and Laird Hamilton started doing SUP as an alternative way of their workouts. On the days you could not do surfing, SUP was a training method that allowed them to stay in shape for the great days of “tow-in surfing” (mode that allows surfing on big waves while towed by a jet ski).

Today, SUP is a sport that can be practiced at sea, on lakes, rivers or any large body of water, allowing you to enjoy different landscapes and different states of the aquatic environment. In addition, this sport can be practiced by all kinds of people, from an early age to those more veteran. This being an excellent way to improve fitness and stay in shape, you can perform all its variants from no-wind, downwind, to catching waves, make circuits with changes of direction, taking turns or simply relaxing and enjoying a stroll while sunbathing.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing is a sport that does not involve great difficulty, but if you want to do it properly, for greater enjoyment, it is highly recommended to do at least an introductory course, where you learn about the material, get to know the environment , meteorology and of course, SUP techniques. Coronado Beach and its surroundings are ideal for the practice of SUP Surfing and Flatwater. Places like Serena in Coronado Bay, Tets Point in Punta Barco, El Palmar and Rio Mar, among others, are Pacific beaches which receive mainly south swells throughout the year, making this location a perfect place to learn or practice this sport with the whole family or group of friends.

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