Luxury is not just an act, it is a way of life. Discover the new Jaguar XE S!


Jaguar introduces a new addition to the family: Jaguar XE S, with official release date for the 2015. This fascinating sports sedan luxury midsize brings the best attributes of the brand with a stylish design, a stunning beauty and a powerful athletic performance.

The new Jaguar XE S represents a new step in innovation levels never before seen in this segment, thanks to its lightweight construction experience and a sophisticated chassis technology, which the new family of engines Ingenium designed, developed and manufactured in UK. With a completely new structure made entirely of aluminum, XE combines impressive performance, agile handling and precise steering response with exceptional levels of refinement. Mike Cross, Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integrity, declares: “Jaguar has always stood out for its balance between precise handling and exceptional refinement levels. The XE is the culmination of everything learned over the years. The “Integral Link” rear suspension offers a combination of outstanding handling and impeccable maneuverability. ”

Front suspension based on the sports F-TYPE

The advanced design of XE is based on the Jaguar sports flagship, the F-TYPE, and includes some key components designed to provide stiffness levels up to the Jaguar XFR. This ensures that the XE has a similar level of agility and a firm and precise steering feel. Like the rear suspension, many of the components are made of cast and wrought aluminum.

The best steering feel in its class

The characteristic and prestigious feel provided by the steering of a Jaguar rises to a new level in the XE, the first Jaguar equipped with the latest generation of electric power steering. Our latest software algorithms allow a fit much more accurate than hydraulic systems and offer a steering feel of better quality. The variable steering resistance, easy maneuvering at low speeds and the ability to adapt to the configuration of Jaguar Drive Control are some of the advantages of the electric power steering which also allows for a wide range of active safety features and help for the driver.

All Surface Progress Control

The rear-wheel drive vehicles, even those with the best systems of driving aids, may have difficulties to move on very slippery surfaces. For this reason, Jaguar has developed a new revolutionary performance in its class: All Surface Progress Control (ASPC).

Developed from decades of experience in off-road traction systems of Jaguar Land Rover, the ASPC function can manage the traction electronically, simplifying the driving for the driver. The system works like cruise control at low speed and it can provide optimal traction in the most slippery conditions, avoiding power loss and without the driver having to operate the pedals.


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