New Thunderbolt causes litigation between Aston Martin and Henrik Fisker


The confrontation is already served. Aston Martin and Henrik Fisker has reached a litigation because of the Thunderbolt new model. This new model presented by Fisker and classified as an “extremely limited” edition, is inspired by the Aston Martin Vanquish. Everything denotes that the British brand is not very happy with this similarities.

If we go back in time, everything began when Henrik Fisker presented the prototype Thunderbolt at the Amelia Island Elegance Competition 2015. Once it’s quite clear the similarity between this new limited model and the Aston Martin Vanquish, the British house has decided to set a litigation.

Aston Martin confirms that the model is “a copy with no authorization trying to get advantage of the popularity of the brand”.

Within strictly terms of conditions, the litigation is moving around so both parts finally agree that “the Thunderbolt will not be produced, after a misunderstanding that will be solved peacefully”.


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