The plant pot that charges your phone


Its creators call it ‘biological battery’ and it is able to transform substances that produce the plant during photosynthesis into electricity.

 This may sound a bit bizarre as well as it seems taken from a science fiction novel. The world supplies the homes with the enormous flow of energy that the sun projected on the earth in the form of light. On this basis, three young Andalusia’s settled in Barcelona have developed a technology with which they have managed to charge a mobile with a plant pot, just as it sounds… Arkyne Technologies is the development company and the project has been renamed as “Bioo”. It is basically to use plant natural photosynthesis as a constant source of electricity. The first prototypes are to make a name in the market. This is a panel with the ability to charge mobile phone three times a day, once it is placed in an ordinary domestic plant pot.

Pablo Manuel Vidarte, Rafael Rebollo and Javier Rodríguez, who are the responsible for this exciting and innovative project, have patented the technology. These three young people state that their technology prototypes load regularly their phones and rely on a crowfunding campaign in order to give a boost to their initiative. Its  “biological battery” takes advantage of photosynthesis, which basically uses a number of microorganisms, which break the molecules of substances secreted through photosynthesis, releasing electrons. According to its precursors, the process is as simple as placing a panel with its technology, adding fertile soil and plant a plant. As per first estimates, one square meter of vegetation would be sufficient to produce between 3-40 watts.

They estimate, after checking this technique effectiveness with their own terminals and showing that they can charge three times a mobile per day that their biological devices could cover the consumption of a Western average household with a garden of 10 x 10 square meters with normal lawn.  The  “Bioo” panels will be cheaper than a solar panel and will work night and day taking advantage of all cycles of photosynthesis.

With this technique the concept of “green energy” takes a dimension never imagined. If you are still with your mouth open and it is impossible for you to believe, please take a look of these two links:,



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